Kid’s Coloring Calendar

Here is our latest monthly Kid’s Coloring Calendar and the weekly word search activities that go along with it.

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August 2020 Kid’s Calendar

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Each week of the calendar includes special occasions for kids to celebrate, and we have a set of word search activities based on the events! Grab a new set of kid’s word search activities each week. All of the word searches include the same words but hidden in different ways, so your kids will have a chance to practice finding (and learning) the words.

We send our Monthly Kid’s Calendar & Coloring Calendar to our Reader Team every month. If you’d like to receive this and other kid’s activities based our Adventures of Nino and Tenna children’s story series, join the team below!

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Special Occasion Activities!

Sometimes we have even more fun activities for kids that go along with our Monthly Kid’s Calendar, or maybe there’s just an exciting event happening and we want to celebrate. Either way, you’ll find extra special occasion activities here!

2020 MLB Season Kick-Off!

The Major League Baseball season starts July 23, 2020, and we have some fun kid’s activities to get them all geared up – Ball Cap coloring pages and a Baseball Themed song playlist!

Select Ball Cap letter below to open up the file! Grab as many as you’d like.

Here’s your Baseball Songs Playlist to get your whole family ready for the game!

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

July 9th is Cow Appreciation Day, and we have you covered with our Cow Appreciation Day Starter Kit! Everything you need to observe this sacred day!

You’ll get your Cow Facts, Coloring Pages, and Mazes Activities all in one place!

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