About Us

Herald and Sons Publishing is made up of a hierarchy of Heralds. Some of us are wise enough to tell greatly entertaining stories (the kids), and some of us are old enough to write it all down (me, the dad).

Brian (the dad): I appreciate a well-told story. I also really enjoy the process of writing. And I am talking about writing in any form, whether it’s creative, technical, resume, research paper…I enjoy it all.

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 15 years, mostly instructional and educational materials. This most recent cannonball into children’s fiction has been really fun, and I am looking forward to creating many more stories in the “Adventures of Nino and Tenna” series (as long as the sons keep me on-board).

I hold a master’s degree in Education and I’m compounding an immeasurable amount of experience from raising two young sons. I also plays drums in a rock band.

Ethan (older brother): Lead story generator. He’s the ideas man.

Jonah (2nd oldest brother): He’s in more of a consultant role at this point.

Thanks for spending some time here. Please check out our book series “The Adventures of Nino and Tenna” on the Books page.