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Welcome Adventure Reader Teamer!

You are part of a special group. You and your child will get to be involved in the story creation process, and have input into how the final book looks!

As a thank you for your feedback, I’ll mail your child their very own copy of the story when it is ready!

Please Note: You must complete the survey in order to receive a printed copy of the story.

Let’s get started!

Our next story is called…


Join Nino, Tenna, and their faithful Puppy Dog as learn about track and field, and even get a little exercise along the way.

Narrated preview of our new story…

Provide Story Feedback

I could use your expertise! I’m working on the story blurb and description and could use some feedback. Could you let me know what you and your child think of the illustrations and the story preview we have so far? Click the Survey Link below to provide your feedback.

Survey Link

You can also email me a voice message with your survey responses if that is easier here: Brian.

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