Join the Adventure Reader Team

What’s this Adventure Reader Team all about?

What is the Adventure Reader Team?
It’s a team of readers who want a part in shaping the story!

What do I (my child) get as part of the team?
You get to hear our next story when it’s nearly finished and let us know what you think, ask questions, and contribute ideas!
Oh, and you get a copy of the final book mailed to you 😉

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing other than your time and feedback!
Did we mention you get a free copy of the book?

If you’re interested, sign-up below, or scroll down a bit to read a little more about the program.

Join the Adventure Reader Team!

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Be Part of the Story–Join the Adventure Reader Team

We have a lot of stories planned for the Adventures of Nino and Tenna series, and it’s about time we get some input from the readers!

That’s why we are forming an Adventure Reader Team!

Members of the Adventure Reader Team will get an early version of our new story to read. Since we’ll still be finishing it up, you can have some input into the details!

Picture of Nino smiling
Picture of Tenna smiling

Now to the best part…active members of the Adventure Reader Team receive a paperback copy of the finished story after it is printed!

There is no cost to being a member of the Adventure Reader Team, and you aren’t expected to buy a copy of the book. We just want to get some feedback on the stories and involve young readers.

If this sounds like something you and your child would enjoy, please sign up! I will reach out to you with more details.