An Ode To Exploring!

So you enjoy reading stories about curiosity and adventure with your kids? So do I! You are in the right place!

Our children’s book series Adventures of Nino and Tenna features fun stories about siblings Nino and Tenna playing, using their imagination, expressing creativity, paying attention to their surroundings, and other valuable attributes. These entertaining stories are great for kids ages 2-7, and beyond!


A story about curiosity, exploration, and adventure–from the imagination of an actual preschooler!

While on a walk in the woods, Nino, a thoughtful and curious boy, explores the sights, sounds, and scents of nature. He spots insects, he hears critters, he smells flowers and…smoke from a fire?? This story offers an imaginative reminder that sometimes it’s a good idea to slow down, and to enjoy and explore your surroundings. And it’s a good thing Nino does this because he is able to spot something that does not belong in the forest…a fire! He may even score a ride in a fire truck 😉

Watch a preview below!

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A story about creativity, play, and using your imagination. Watch a preview below!