Catch-Up Pants


Ready…Set….READ! Enjoy a laugh-a-lap in this fun tale from a track and field! 




enjoy a laugh-a-LAP in this fun tale from a track and field! Includes real event descriptions!

Join spunky siblings Nino and Tenna as they visit a nearby track and field with their dad. They see lots of athletes training for events and even practice some events of their own—classic events like Frog Leap, Rock Toss, and Log Roll! Ever heard of ‘em?

They may not have the skills or experience of professional track-and-field athletes yet, but Nino and Tenna know exactly how to make it up as they go. Even when things don’t go exactly as planned.

So sit back and let Nino and Tenna RELAY the HIGHS and HURDLES as they VAULT to a record-setting level of fun! Catch-Up Pants is an engaging story about play, exercise, and keeping a sense of humor about things!

Stories in the Adventures of Nino and Tenna series offer a positive and encouraging message using creativity, imagination, exploration, and play to entertain and inspire readers. And they always include activities related to the story for readers to enjoy!

From the imagination of real young readers!

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